3 Simple Tips on Anti-Ageing Skin Care

What would have happened let’s say you woke up this morning after you climbed out of bed and found yourself looking at the new wrinkles lining on your face? Will you utter “Oh My Gosh! I am not that old, but I look old.”

This doesn’t have to be such a big shock when you apply the following anti ageing skin care tips to prevent it ahead of time.

1. Natural Ways to Wash Your Face Thoroughly

This is the first and most import step of anti ageing face care routine that can be easily overlooked. Not washing your face thoroughly will do astonishing damages to your skin.

Make sure you remove your make up first, coconut oil can be effective as make up remover then follow by baking soda as exfoliate wash. Baking soda helps remove dead skin and excessive oil that may clog your pores. You may try to incorporate mild soap with your facial wash regime if you are not used to the baking soda as skin care routine.

A clean washed face can prevent acne, black and white heads formation. In some cases, reduce inflammation. When your face is clean you will have a healthy natural complexion. However, as you age, you may want to reduce the chemical base products that will cause more damaging than good.


2. Hydrate Your Skin by applying home made H2O tonic

Were you aware that one of the most careless act you can do to your skin is failing to hydrate yourself and your skin by drink enough water? The dryer you are under the surface of your skin, the more damage it does to the top layer of your skin. Although drinking plenty of water can quickly begin to anti-aging your skin, it is more effective when you apply the topical DIY tonic.

One of the first things you will notice, without proper hydration, is the wrinkles on your hands and hands. You will also notice the dryness in and around your elbows and heels.
In addition you will see a dramatic increase in the wrinkles on your face.

It’s never to late to slow down this ageing process and begin to remedy the damage already done. Even if you don’t like water force yourself to consume at least 64 ounces of water a day.

For immediate hydrating your skin, apply following on a sprayer bottle:

  • 1 part of 3% hydrogen peroxide and
  • 5 part of distilled water mix in a sprayer bottle.


3. Vitamin C and B to Delay Skin Aging

As you continue to age there are certain environmental pollution which play havoc with your skin. Such as:

• Cigarette smoke
• Processed foods contains artificial seasoning and flavors.
• Harsh chemicals
• Plant Pesticides &  Herbicides in vegetables.
• Air Pollution
• Environmental influences (i.e. ozone)

It’s true it takes years for these things to work on the surface of your skin. But some will take as short as half an hour to show on your skin. However, as they work on you they break down the living cells in your body, which causes major problems under the skin. This damage affects the collagen and the elasticity of your skin. This in turn will cause your skin to droop and produce more wrinkles.

You should avoid situations where you are exposed to these problems as much as possible. But you can significantly reduce the damage by getting plenty of Vitamin B and C. The best way to do that is to eat foods high in those vitamins or at least supplement your diet with vitamin B and C capsules.


As you can see there is nothing radical about the three tips, drink plenty of water, avoid situations which expose you to environmental pollutants and incorporate facial wash thoroughly with natural ingredients. You will be pleasantly surprised how your skin will appear, when you use common sense and these 3 healthy anti aging skin care tips.

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