6 Creative Ways to Use Lecithin

To most people, lecithin may be an unfamiliar name, but in healthcare this substance is widely known and used. You may know lecithin as food addictive, but you may not know lecithin is used as emulsifier as nonstick cooking spray.

Lecithin benefits men and women. With just a little pinch of lecithin on a daily basis, it can change your life for good.

What is Lecithin

Lecithin is an essential fatty substance found in animal and plant tissues. This substance is yellowish in color, a vitamin-like nutrient present mostly in humans’ brain, egg yolk, and fish roe. Lecithin acts as lubricant for cell membrane to transmit signals among neurons; its emulsifying agent has softening and soothing properties. Most important is, if you are vegan, lecithin can be extracted from soybeans and sunflowers in liquid or granule form.


What does lecithin do to you

Lecithin health benefits

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