Eternal Beauty

A few years back I started to notice some breakouts and the surface of sunspots due to age, for someone who firmly believed and was a loyal fan of the commercial “big name brand” face care products but ended with much disappointment.  That’s how my journey started out on the quest of staying fabulous with effective face care products.

At the beginning of my quest on searching for effective products, I wasn’t aim at the natural alternatives or solutions. My intention was simply to look for facial products that truly works. Each time I tumbled across a product or an unknown name, I googled it to get more information on that particular name to study more in depth on them. As I dig more, I discovered “the” most effective products and/or ingredients aren’t the big names but rather, the gift of mother of nature: organic and all natural skin care routine without any chemical additives.

This is a place I dedicated to the ones that have been through similar to what I have gone through with skin care routines. I present you everything related to natural glow skin care tips, DIYs and recipes. It is far more than a skin care informational website, it is a pivotal moment toward simplicity. Right here, you will find many simple, all natural methods and age-defying ingredients, tips & secrets to help you turn the clock backward.


To you: Eternal Beauty!


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