15 Highly Effective Natural Acne Prevention: Vitamin, Minerals and supplements

15 Natural Acne Prevention

15 Natural Acne Prevention

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ouldn’t it be nice if there are natural ways to speed up the acne treatment? What will you do if I tell you there are quite few common and effective items that can help you successfully combat of your acne?  Believe or not, few well known vitamins, minerals, or supplements can just eliminate skin disorders.  Here are some of the most effective ones to use to fighting acne.


  •  Water-soluble Vitamin A: comes in two forms: retinoids (animal fat base) & beta-carotine (plant base), its antioxidant property can prevent free radical damage, reduce lines and wrinkles, hence help in skin renewal.
  • Vitamin C: acts as an anti-oxidant, protect tissue from damaging caused by free radicals, it also holds cells together through collagen synthesis, helps wound healing, strengthen blood vessel walls, improve immune system.
  • Vitamin E: an anti-oxidant, helps and delay the chronic disease associated with free radicals,
  • Vitamin B5 (or pantothenic acid): Don’t overdose because too much Vitamin B5 can cause diarrhea. Vitamin B5 reduce the symptoms such as asthma, hair loss, stress and anxiety, respiratory and heart conditions,  osteoarthritis, and signs of aging.
  • Vitamin B6: prevents skin blemishes (caused by hormone imbalance), premenstrual syndrome (PMS), prevents heart disease, build ups in blood vessel lining, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels, headaches, pains and tingling sensation, nausea and vomiting caused by monosodium glutamate (MSG). If team up with Magnesium, it can reduce kidney stones.


  • Micrograms of Chromium:
  • Zinc Gluconate: Zinc is, by far, the most important mineral to take in your quest for freedom from acne because it reduces DHT, the male sex hormone that can cause acne if there is an excessive amount of it in the body.

3% Hydrogen Peroxide

  • H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide): Oxygen Peroxide is a chemical compound contains 2-Hydrogen molecules and 2-Oxygen Molecules. It is often used as sterilized to various surfaces. With proper use, it can be effective use against viruses, yeasts, and bacterial spores.  Skin exposure to the 3% Hydrogen Peroxide can cause whitening or bleaching. Aside from the beneficial oxygen, this product can also use to treat gun disease.

Because you need more oxygen than is readily available, Oxygen Elements Plus is a great product to help you get it.  Your skin needs oxygen to stay clean and bacteria-free.  More oxygen may result in you having clear, acne-free skin.

Other Special Supplements

Here are six supplements, in addition to Oxygen Peroxide, that might clear your acne, as well as strengthen your immune system at cellular level but also improve your level of health and immunity to infections.

When you use these supplements, please use according to the instructions on each individual labels. Don’t try to overdose simply because not only your body can only take certain level of what you take but also it may harm your body.

These supplements are safe to continue use even your acne is under control. Once things get back to normal, you should continue whatever supplementation program you were originally using.  Please beware on prolonged use of supplements in high dosages can sometimes cause a chemical imbalance in your body and can be harmful to your health.


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