3 Best Anti Aging Skin Treatments

3 Anti-Aging Secrets

3 Best Anti-Aging Skin Treatments

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e all have gone through some skin problems in our lives.  As we grow older, maintain that youthful and natural beautiful skin can be quite a challenge, because many commercial cosmetic products promise to do a wonder but failed to our expectations.

For some reason, some people have that amazing flawless look on their skin, is it because they have found the fountain of youth, an ancient secret, genetic or something else?

Well, with further research, I have found three natural & best anti aging skin treatments can work wonders. If going under the knife isn’t an option to you, and you don’t have a deep pocket to get that ‘artificial’ look that don’t actually last very long, you are about to discover having that snow white face can be done in cost effective and relative easy to achieve.

There are three ingredients are relative low cost compared with the big cosmetic brands out there, when incorporate them into your skin care regime, they can be the best at home facial peels for aging skin. If you are into home remedies, continue reading and you will find out three very efficient home facial peels that will help you regain that natural glow and even drop a decade. Many scientists and dermatologist didn’t know about and those knew won’t even tell you, why? Because if they reveal it, their jobs will be at stake.

These three secret skin acids will help you turn the clock back to the beautiful you.

  • Hyaluronic Acid: water retainer, wrinkles reducer and age-defying. One of the best moisturizer for sensitive skin. It can be used as lotion.
  • Glycolic Acid: collagen booster, natural glow enhancer & the best at home facials peel.
  • Salicylic Acid: one of the best at home chemical peel. Also know as pimple buster, warts reducer, acne & zits destroyer.


  1. Hyaluronic Acid: Best moisturizer for all skin

If you are concerned about the health of your skin such as wrinkles age spots, sagging skin, turtle neck, or similar concerns, you may have heard about hyaluronic acid skin care.

Hyalyronic acid also known as hyaluronate (or HA), it is a white power, a common ingredient typically added to the skin care products such as cosmetics, toner, lip balm, lotion and condition etc… But, even so, you probably don’t know much about it. HA is an amino acid that is highly polar and attracts water; its function can be translated as skin repair, lubricant & shock absorber; a common ingredient injected through needle by the dermatologists as filler for a youthful look skin.  This top skin care product can be naturally found in our body including in our skin and soft tissue, as it is produced by our body. Although biggest amount of HA can be found in our skin, but there are significant quantities in the joints and eyes as well.

Why is this acid so important for our skin? It plays a crucial role in wound repair, inflammation reduction & skin healing. Another benefit of the HA is it maintaining the skin’s hydration, because it is capable of retaining 1000 times its own weight in water this make acid hyaluronic an excellent moisturizer. Unfortunately, as we advance in age, our body produces less and less HA, which explains why our skin gets drier, dull looking and therefore more wrinkles.

What can HA do for us? It helps our skin look younger, plumper, and maintain a beautiful natural smoothness. It is practically the sponge of our skin, to retaining a great amount of water in the tissue, makes our skin healthier and more elastic. And we all know that a plump and elastic skin means less lines and wrinkles.

Tip: would you like a drastic improvement on your skin? when pair Hyaluronic acid with vitamin C, the result would be magical. Be warned: once you see the result yourself, you will be hooked for the rest of your life as this may be your next new BFF.


  1. Glycolic Acid

Does glycolic work? As a matter of fact, glycolic is one of the most popular anti-aging ingredients because of its age defying nature.

Glycolic Acid is naturally occurring acid that is very effective exfoliator. It is part of the family known as alpha hydroxyl acids or AHA. These acids are derived from the sugar cane or wood bark, it is considered one of the safest acids to be used for skin care, also being one of the most commonly known. The best home glycolic peel should be contain less addictive, and organic.

How can the glycolic acid benefit our beauty? Many clinicians have used glycolic acid for facial, acne, scarring and hyper-pigmentation treatments. It can bring a lot of benefits to our skin, its main role being the one of a very powerful exfoliator, great for normal to combination skin type.

It gently removes the layer of dead skin off the skin’s surface allowing new and healthy skin to emerge. After the first use, it will instantly improve the appearance of our skin, making it look more tensile, firmer, smoother, and youthful. But, it can also help in the case of age spots, reducing skin’s discoloration and evening the skin’s color.

Due to its ability to remove dead skin, it also helps in clearing clogged pores and blackheads. Because lycolic acid can be absorbed into the skin & the sebaceous (oil) glands, it can be a great aid in acne treatment, especially in the case of acne produced by clogged pores and excess sebum. The down side is one thing to keep in mind when using glycolic acid and you must avoid direct sunlight exposure, because your skin becomes more prone to sunburns.

What makes glycolic acid so effective? The reason this acid is used as an exfoliator is because it can remove the glue that is keeping cells together, like sebum and other substances. Thus, in the case of the dead skin layer, it can be removed much easier after applying glycolic acid.

If you really want to feel the benefits of using glycolic acid, use products that focus on having the acid as the main ingredient and not in combination with other unknown ingredients. For instance, moisturizers that contain glycolic acid will not be as efficient as products with glycolic acid only. So, a moisturizer should be a moisturizer, while a product with glycolic acid should deliver only its benefits instead of trying to mix several ingredients into one single product.

You can easily find the pure glycolic acid powder, you can turn it into homemade chemical peel at your desired strength.


  1. Salicylic Acid

Having acne problem? If you have oily skin, Salicylic Acid would be ideal for you. Clinicial trials have shown salicylic acid is more effective in acne treatment compare with glycolic acid when dealing with acne or even random zits. For instance, if you see a zit trying to emerge, instead of using your hands or other methods to get rid of it, use salicylic acid. All you need to do is put this acid directly on the zit and leave it to act overnight. In the morning, the zit will be completely dried and barely visible. Most certainly this wouldn’t have been the effect if you would have tried to get it out yourself.

Why is it so efficient when it comes to treating pimples? Its efficiency is due to the fact that it is a beta hydroxy acid. A bit of chemistry is involved to understand the structure of the salicylic acid but in the end you only have to remember one thing and the fact that this acid is soluble in oils, making it so effective in cleaning the skin’s pores.

Once is entered your skin, it can work as an amazing exfoliator as well, because it also dissolves the glue that keeps skin cells together. So, it will help in removing dead cells from the surface of the skin and allow the new skin layer to be visible.

What you should know is that it can exfoliate and deeply cleanse even oily skin, by unclogging pores and cleaning out excessive sebum. This makes it great for persons that are fighting with acne, helping them reduce the presence of sebum on their skin and keeping pores from getting clogged by deeply cleansing them. Not to mention that it works great in the case of blackheads and whiteheads as well, dissolving them and leaving the skin clean. But, it doesn’t work that great on cystic acne, because there is more to this acne than pores clogged with sebum and dirt.

Now you have these three most powerful and important beauty secrets, in no time, not only you but your friends will see the wonder as the result from these three products. Depending on the needs of your skin and what you want to achieve, you may need just one or two of these secrets to take better care of your skin and beauty. You will feel the effects of using these acids almost immediately, the aspect of your skin being much improved even after just one use.

Be happy and be a complete fabulous natural beauty and/or stud!




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