6 Creative Ways to Use Lecithin: Lecithin Benefits Skin

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]o most people, lecithin may be an unfamiliar name, but in healthcare this substance is widely known and used. You may know lecithin as food addictive, but you may not know lecithin benefits skin for men and women. As a matter of fact, lecithin is one of the most common substances being added into our diet and many of us aren’t even aware of it. Its time to super charge your life with just as little as half teaspoonful on a daily basis.

What is Lecithin

Natural lecithin is an essential nutrient (known as Choline) — it is a fatty substance found in animal and plant tissues. This substance is yellowish in color, a vitamin-like nutrient present mostly in humans’ brain, egg yolk, and fish roe.

Lecithin acts as lubricant for cell membrane to transmit signals among neurons; its emulsifying agent has softening and soothing properties.

The most common use would be as emulsifier because it homogenize oil and water mix together. It is commonly sold as food addictive and dietary supplements.

If you are vegan, lecithin can be extracted from soybeans and sunflowers in liquid or granule form.

 Food products with lecithin

As surprising as it may sound, there are plenty pre-packaged foods you can find on the supermarket shelf. From non-stick cooking spray, to chocolate, vegetable oil, margarine, cakes and bread, breakfast cereal etc..


What does lecithin do to you

There are numerous lecithin health benefits. Among the benefits, as research studies shown the soil-derived lecithin helps lower cholesterol while increasing LDL (the “good” cholesterol).

When an adult consumes above Adequate Intake (AI) of lecithin (550 milligram/day), it reduces symptoms of postmenopausal, memory loss, and possibly, Alzheimer’s disease. When team up lecithin with Betaine (known as Trimethylglycerin), it lowers the chance of cardiovascular disease.


Six Creative Ways to Use Lecithin

In addition to emulsification and lubrication properties, natural lecithin can be easily diffused because it is a ‘wet agent’ and nontoxic. In any event you over ingested, human body can totally metabolize and excreted through kidneys.

Here are 6 good uses of lecithin granules. Mix well with water to the desired density. If you can’t finish the mixture, it must be kept in refrigerator to prevent it from getting containment.

  • As conditioner: add half tea spoon to your shampoo. Commercially made shampoo stripes away the natural oil from your hair and scalp. The fatty substance of lecithin acts as conditioner that prevents your hair from being dry and frizzy. Whether you have dry or oily scalp, this is good for both without the look or feeling geasy. After shampoo, dry your hair just as usual, you will find your hair is fuller and fluffier.


  • Use it as body sprayer: if you are wearing perfume, not only it helps the fragrance last longer.


  • Liquid foundation: add small portion to your foundation, mix well before you apply onto your face. It makes easier to apply evenly and gives it a smoother finish, it also prevents foundation from cracking.


  • As body lotion: add half tea spoon to your favorite lotion. With lecithin added lotion, makes your skin smoother, supple, and sleek hand feeling. Better yet, you can simply use lecithin by itself as lotion.


  • As natural styling mousse: ditch the chemically added hair gel,  mousse or hairspray. In case you are wondering what could I use instead of hair mousse. Use natural substitute for hair mousse to style your hair. Simply use one teaspoon of organic lecithin granule mix with 3 teaspoons of water till it completely dissolved. This is great homemade DIY hair mousse for curly hair and for fine hair, as well.

  If you have extra dry or damaged hair, you may add argon or coconut oil, mix with 2/4 of water, 1/4 lecithin and 1/4 oil as hair mousse. In addition to easy styling, you will see the reduction in dendrite, as well.


  • As sun tan lotion: forget about the chemically and petroleum base sun tan lotion. Use the natural lecithin as UV ray blocker.


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