6 Must Have Skin Care Home Remedies With Household Products

Do you feel lost standing in front of all the natural skin care products on the shelf wondering which one is the best home natural skin care. Do you pick the product for its name or simply by the fancy packaging itself? It is nice to have plenty of organic skin care products to select from, but have you given the thought on: are those beauty products made naturally without any preservatives or any harsh chemicals added can do the wonder as the best skincare ingredients?

Why All Natural Organic Skin Care product?

The skin care industry has evolved quite a bit as we moving toward digital era, with information can be easily accessed on the world wide web, now we have more selection of organic beauty products made available commercially.

Most commercial skin care products contain some chemicals that are known harmful to our body; with striking number of over 1,100 ingredients have been banned by the European Union vs. 10 being banned in the US.. These banned ingredients were used in the personal-products are known the causes of birth defects, reproductive harm, prong to cancer. Although the chemicals in the products may meet the FDA standards, however, the chemical accumulates in our body as we continually use.

If you are skeptical about the commercially made skincare products, and wouldn’t settle for less then your best bet is to go with natural skin care home remedies because you are the one who is responsible to safeguard what’s put on your skin.

Here are six proven effective natural skincare tips

Here are six common must have household products you can easily find in your kitchen cabinet. They are great natural skin care home remedies if you use them as skin treatment at home.

  1. Cold pressed, Unrefined Organic Coconut Oil:
  2. Non-aluminum Baking soda:
  3. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (You may substitute it with Pure Vitamin C powder, or Lemon):
  4. Hydrogen Peroxide: ditch the alcohol, use H2O2 instead for its effectiveness.
  5. Organic Ginger:
  6. Raw unfiltered honey:

Coconut Oil:

First and foremost, make sure it is Non-GMO, cold press, unrefined organic coconut oil. Coconut oil is very light in texture compare with other oils. Coconut oil normally is at solid form, but when temperature reach to 76 degree Fahrenheit, it does turn into liquid form.

If possible, try to get the glass jar. Because nowadays, the oil is outsourced to the under-developed countries. It takes approx 20-35 days transportation time along from the origin sea port to hit the U.S. port. The long transportation time inside the metal container and under the heat from the sun may release chemicals from the plastic jar into the coconut oil.

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