7 Beauty Tips That Actually Works for a Glowing Skin

7 Beauty Tips That Actually Works for a Glowing Skin.

Thanks to highlighters, you can get instant glow across your cheeks with the swipe of a brush. Though nothing beats a naturally glowing skin. With the increase in natural skin care awareness, it is easy to get beauty tips for glowing skin.

The question is, do these tips really work? Yes Glowing skin beauty tips that actually work.

From the rich skin care routine of Asia to natural skin care tips from Africa, we have come up with a few tried and trusted glowing skin care tips and products you can use.

Some of these items are sitting in your kitchen.

1.         Natural Oils

natural oil for face

natural oil for face

Oils give glowing skin! It is as simple as that. That is why they top our list for tried and trusted.

Using natural oils as part of your skin care routine is like eating your cake and having it.

The benefits of natural oils are numerous.Apart from giving you instant glowing skin, natural oils help to moisturize the skin.

This is most helpful to people who suffer from oily skin.

Beware though of using heavy oils as they may clog your pores and result in a breakout.

For someone with oily skin, add light natural oils to your moisturizing lotion to give you a hint of glow.

Some of the best oils for your skin include coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, lemon oil.

Note that when you use oils on your skin, ensure that you cleanse your face daily and exfoliate regularly to give your skin balance.

2.         Honey

Honey on its own is soft, sweet and sticky. Rub it on any surface and it immediately adds sheen to the surface. Little wonder why it is on our list of natural skin care tips for glowing skin.

Honey works best when it is in its pure form, it is advisable that you go for raw organic honey.

Honey can be mixed with other natural ingredients to make face masks or face cleansers.

honey for natural glowing face

Beauty tips for glowing skin: honey

One of the easiest honey face masks is a mixture of raw organic honey and oats.

The mixture creates a paste that can be applied all over the face and the skin. Leave for at least 15 minutes.   To remove the mask, rinse off with warm water. You should feel your face soft and notice the glow.

Another way to use honey is as a toner or cleanser.

A mixture of honey, lemon juice and egg whites will create a sort of toning face mask.

While the lemon juice will brighten the face, the egg whites will tighten the face and the honey will moisturize the face. The result of this mask/ toner is a bright glowing skin.

Mixing honey with some apples cider vinegar and some water will give you a natural cleanser/toner that always leaves your skin soft and glowing.

As far as natural skin care tips go, honey is a win-win.

3.         Papaya

Fruits, in general, have always played great parts in beauty tips. In their natural forms, fruits make up major parts of most natural skin care tips.

Some of our favorite skincare fruits include papayas, the citrus family especially lemons, strawberry and watermelons.

How does papaya help you achieve glowing skin?

papaya enzyme for skincare

papaya contains enzymes that are great for the face

Papaya contains papain. Papain is an enzyme that acts as a mild exfoliator. When applied to the skin, papaya will help to remove those dead skin cells and then reveal a younger glowing skin.

To get the full benefits of papaya, use a ripe one.

An easy face mask to make with papaya is the papaya, honey (there is that honey again!) and sandalwood face mask.

Simply blend the papaya, about 3 or 4 average slices with a teaspoon of the honey and sandalwood, apply the mix over the face. Wash off after 20 minutes. To use for your body, increase the portions of the ingredients.

4.         Rosewater

Rose water has been associated with beauty for a very long time. The great Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, patronized this natural scenting beauty secret. Shakespeare even wrote about her affinity for it. No wonder she turned heads with her ever young glowing skin.

beauty tips for glowing skin

rose water as beauty tips

In the ancient times, Roman women especially, have used rose water in different capacities. From spraying their hair and clothes to washing their face. beauty tips for skinbeauty tips for skin:

Rosewater comes from steeping rose petals in water.

Rose water contains anti-inflammatory properties that make it a wonderful beauty tool.

To achieve a glowing skin, simply spray rose water directly on your face. It creates a sheen that leaves your skin glowing.

It is a natural toner and helps to moisturize the skin, leaving it soft and scented.

5.         Rice water

While the Romans may have had their rose water, the Chinese had rice water.

natural face beauty tips

natural face beauty tips: benefits of rice water

Rice water is the milky substance that is gotten from washing rice grains before cooking them.

Rice water contains vitamin B, E, C which are great for the skin. It also contains some protein (yes! protein) which provides the hair with some much-needed nutrition.

As a natural beauty tip, rice water not only gives you a glowing skin, it also helps your hair grow, stay strong and retain its natural colour. Just ask the Yao women!

The Yao tribe is one of the ethnic group in China and are known for their extra-long hair and younger looking skin. The major secret for these two distinct attributes is their constant use of rice water.

To get rice water, you can either extract the water from the boiled rice or soak the rice in water overnight.

The boiled rice water or the fermented water will work effectively.

Do not use the rice water directly. Dilute with some water and apply to your skin for a glowing skin or use as a hair rinse for healthy hair.

6.         Milk

Apart from regularly using rose water for her skin, Cleopatra was also famous for one beauty tick. She had regular milk baths! Yes. She will soak herself in milk for some time. Imagine that much creaminess on one skin!

This is why milk is making our list of natural skin care tips.

milk as diy skin care

tips for healthy skin, use milk

Milk is rich in lactic acid, protein and fats. These properties are key to having a brighter glowing skin. It can be used for masks and as a toner.

You can decide to go the Cleopatra way and have a milk bath once in a while. You can also make milk masks. Milk can be mixed with turmeric, oats, lemon, egg white, honey, sugar and a lot of natural ingredients.

Milk mask not only help to tighten pores but they also help to moisturize the skin leaving the skin radiant and glowing.

Using milk as a toner can be done overnight or for a few minutes. Either way, make sure your skin gets a healthy dose of the milky richness.

You can also go for milk infuse finished products as part of your beauty routine.

When using milk as a skin care tip, always go for full fat/cream kinds of milk. This is the one time you can ditch the low-fat milk.

7.         Sugar exfoliating

One of the tricks to keeping your skin clear and prevent a breakout, is to exfoliate regularly.

Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells. It is like gently stripping away the faded skin to reveal the fresh, radiant, glowing skin.

natural beauty tips for skin

natural beauty tips for skin


The best sugar to use is the brown sugar. It is a lot smoother than the granulated one.

Naturally, sugar is a humectant. It draws moisture to the face causing it to remain subtle and fresh.

Sugar is also a natural source of AHA (alpha hydroxy acid). AHA penetrates the skin to break down the skin bond. This results in cell turnover and the generation of fresh glowing skin.

With all these goodies, you can see why sugar makes our list.

Brown sugar is milder than salt thereby reducing the risk of microscopic tears (ouch).

You can create a face scrub from brown sugar and honey, brown sugar and natural oil, sugar, lemon and oil mix.

To use, apply mix on your skin, massaging gently in circular motions. Rinse off with warm water after 15 minutes. You can splash your face with cold water to help your pores.

Sugar scrub makes a good shaving scrub. Helps to get a smooth shave.

Mix the sugar with coconut or olive oil and apply on the area after shaving.

Bonus tip

Another natural ingredient sitting in your kitchen that can give you an instant glow is coffee.

This easy coffee recipe creates an amazing face mask for a glowing skin.

Mix a cup of ground coffee with 2 tables spoons of honey and a cup of whole milk (organic is best). Massage on your face gently in circular motions. Leave the mix on your face for at least 15 minutes (can be more). Rinse and voila! Glowing skin!

Have fun trying these recipes out!!

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