Glycolic Acid

Pure glycolic acid powder

Pure Glycolic Acid Powder

Glycolic Acid is an AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) that is currently an essential ingredient in the best natural skin care products. It has the great ability to penetrate skin has made it a favorite ingredient of anti-aging products that work. Glycolic Acid was prepared for the first time in 1851, yet it took dermatologists more than a century to realize in the 1970s that this acid is a great alternative to skin peeling agents such as phenols and trichloroacetic acid. Surprisingly, 1992 was the year when skin care companies started using Glycolic Acid commercially in their products and the rest is history. Glycolic acid is now considered to be a groundbreaking chemical in the cosmetics and skin care industry that actually works for natural anti-aging.

There are a number of skin care benefits of Glycolic acid, some of which are given as follows:
1. Perfect for Anti-Aging: Glycolic acid helps in natural anti-aging as it keeps the skin fresh all the time. It works as a great agent for cell development of the dead skin cells and makes the skin look smoother. It also prevents the skin from having inflammation staining, hyperpigmentation, and age spots.
2. Fights against Age Spots: Excessive exposure to the sun causes yellow and dark spots on hands, neck, and face. These are called age spots and only start to show when a person hits the age of 40. Since there is no medication to remove such spots, best natural skin care products contain Glycolic acid which peels off the skin, layer by layer, hence making age spots barely recognizable.
3. Removes Dead Skin: Dead skin reciprocates to looking old. People start having dead skin, due to dead skin cells, as soon as they cross the age of 40-45. Therefore, to remove dead skin cells, Glycolic acid peels can be used that discharge and peel off dead skins cells eventually making the shedding of dead skin cells effortless.



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