Simple Tips on How to Lose Belly Fat

Slim waist

How to get slim waist

Do you know in a recent poll revealed, “how to lose belly fat” was the number one weight loss question most people wanted to know. There is no magic quick fix formula despite some of the claims made by certain products or weight loss masters. The only solution to losing tummy fat is to plenty of exercise combined with the correct diet. We all know that you need to do stomach crunches in order to tone up your abs. Swimming, running and skipping will help too.

Unfortunately most of us overeat and then wonder why we put on weight. Not only do we eat too much but we eat the wrong foods and drink the wrong drinks. It is not totally our fault. For example most people on a diet feel happy drinking diet sodas but these drinks are actually really bad for your diet. They are either full of sugar replacements or just plain sugar. The best drink is pure water and not the carbonated variety which can lead to cellulite. Cutting out all other forms of liquids from your diet including caffeine will help to get rid of belly fat. A lot of stomach bloating is caused by yeasts fed by fermenting sugars which originated from the drinks we consume.

We should aim to eliminate foods containing sugar and bad fats from our diet as quickly as possible. This means no cakes or biscuits but also includes processed foods such as ready meals, sausages, bacon, diet dinners etc. Instead we want to return to basics. We want to cut out all white based foods so no white bread, rice or pasta instead opting for the wholegrain varieties. Eating a plate of white pasta is the equivalent of eating a plate of sugar, something you just wouldn’t do when on a diet.

You know you need to increase the quantity of fruit and vegetables in your diet. The more varied you can make this the better as this will increase the amount of different vitamins and minerals you are consuming but it will also help to prevent boredom setting in. Smoothies and juices are fine in proportion but you are best consuming the fruit or vegetables as close to their original form as possible. If you cannot afford organic be sure to wash them properly removing the outer skin, roots and leaves.

Don’t make the mistake of cutting all fats from your diet. Your body needs fat to burn calories so if you remove it, you will struggle to lose weight. You need to eat healthy fats in the form of omega 3 and 6. You will get these from eating oily fish, nuts and seeds. Use olive oil as a dressing on your salads.

Add in some weight training exercises to your new healthy living plan and you will no longer have to ask how do you lose belly fat. The pounds will fall off and your new trimmer toned body will emerge like a butterfly does from the cocoon. Now what are you waiting for?

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