Five Ways To Naturally Improve Your Hair’s Health


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The human body is truly a work of art. It’s so complex, yet it has such simplicity when targeting our day to day beauty troubles. If you know how our bodies work, then you know that the only way to keep our skin and hair healthy is from nutrients. Yes, it is that simple, but most of us do not see it that way. We live in a society where processed foods are more obtainable, therefore, more sought after. Processed foods have little to no nutritional value leaving most of us with vitamin deficiencies.

Our hair & skin are the magic mirrors to our internal health. The old saying, “you are what you eat,” is 100% fact because everything you put into your mouth will appear externally. Damaged and breaking hair can be caused by not eating enough protein and vegetables. Your skin can break out by drinking too much soda or sugary fruit juices and not enough water. Even your finger nails can break by not consuming enough nutrients, but there is a solution!

We can apply these nutrients to our bodies externally and give our precious organs the vitamins and health it deserves. Out of all the natural remedies I have researched, I feel these do the most at recovering proteins, nourishing and rejuvenating your hair to it’s upmost potential.

Olive Oil:

Extra virgin organic olive oil does absolute wonders for your hair. This miracle nourishes and conditions the hair shaft as it improves and strengthens the elasticity. When the hair shaft is stronger, your hair will appear less damaged and split ends will minimize. When olive oil is applied to the scalp, it conditions by soaking it’s nutrients deep within the hair follicle. Once the olive oil is rinsed thoroughly, it is best when you apply a small amount to the ends of the hair. This gives the oil more time to improve the overall appearance of your hair.

Coconut Oil:

Another miracle found in nature, the amazing coconut. I found coconut oil to be the best in hair treatment for its intoxicating aroma and immediate results. When applied as a leave in conditioner everyday, it can reduce split ends and reduce protein loss by soaking it’s nutrients deep into the hair shaft. This recovers any breakage or damage done by styling, coloring or blowout. Coconut oil also gives you the shine and luster that only healthy hair can emit.


Cinnamon is delicious, but not many people know it can be used topically as well! Cinnamon can be used as a scrub to enhance hair growth by stimulating the blood underneath the follicles. As it stimulates the hair follicle, it can produce longer, stronger, thicker hair when used consistently. It can also be used to clean the scalp and reduce dead skin cells by naturally exfoliating the surface. This is a great alternative to chemically induced products that claim to treat hair loss.


Using organic lemons for your scalp can give you the vitamin boost your hair is craving. Lemons are full of antibacterial properties and vitamins that our bodies can benefit inside and out. Lemons can also assist with hair growth, but the best use for lemons on the scalp is dandruff and oil control. When applying fresh organic lemon juice to the scalp, it goes straight to work by lifting dead skin cells, treats blemishes, and puts the overactive natural oils into balance. This creates a nutrient filled environment for healthy hair to grow and will ultimately give you the healthy hair and shine you want.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Last… but certainly not least, apple cider vinegar. Who would’ve ever thought this would do wonders for your hair? The smell may be a little distracting, but trust me, once you have used it, you will wonder why you never thought to try it before. Apple cider vinegar benefits your hair and scalp, for it balances the natural pH of your scalp (creating a healthier environment for growth), removes dead skin cells completely, therefore, eliminating dandruff, soothes itchy scalps that are caused by lack of nutrients or stress, and can also assist in hair growth when massaged into the scalp.

Using these all natural alternatives, as well as implementing a nutritional diet, will give you the hair you desire from the inside and out. Once you see a change, you will notice your body beginning to change in a more positive way, and you will be happy you made the adjustment.

Use caution when using these natural remedies for your hair if you are allergic or obtain irritations while using them. Please consider what may work for one person may not work for another, so please keep that in mind.


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