One Natural Tip to Reduce Wrinkles

how to reduce wrinkles

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HOW TO There are different factors that may affect the overall look and healthiness of our skins. Do you know our skins suffer the most when lack of oxygen?  Have you seen people using the Avian mist spraying onto their face and wonder what was that about?

There’s no doubt that here are major factors affect the skin the most:

* UV-rays. We have been told that too much sun-rays is not good for our skin. Indeed, when expose under the harmful UV Ray it excelerates the production of pigments under our skin that we commonly known as sun spot. Excess sun exposure dries out our skin. We look older because dry skin is one of the main causes of creases and wrinkles.
* Harmful substances and free radicals in the environment are another factor that makes us look older.

* Foods treated with toxin chemicals to prolong its shelf-life such as pesticide, anti-biotics, hormone treated etc…try to avoid them at all costs.
* Wrong skin care routine.

Our daily stress is getting on our nerves with the consequence that it harms our skin and makes it wrinkly. Fast food and wrong diet in general are support as well the destruction of healthy skin, because so our skin doesn’t get enough vitamin’s and minerals. Smoking is doing the rest to let our skin look old and wrinkly much more earlier as it is due to its biological age.

Last but not least everybody’s biological physical aging process within the years is hindering an adequate absorption of oxygen. The result is the loss of skin’s elasticity. The skin is losing humidity and is getting thinner. The is looking “tired”. First wrinkles are appearing, we are looking older and older and after while we don’t recognize ourselves anymore in the mirror.
Not less of us are the opinion that a lifting or injection with the neurotoxic substance Botox is our last hope and can save our skin. But: Do they know that Botox is quite dangerous? A spoonful of this neurotoxic substance is already enough to poison all inhabitants of Middle Europe! We don’t have to elaborate further or comments on it due to the fact.

Do you know one natural product does work the wonder to rejuvenating our skin, this product is one of the best alternative to give your skin an energy boost. It is a common product and very low cost, better yet, it helps refreshing your skin, this common household product is: hydrogen peroxide.

You can make your own rejuvenating toner and keep in your purse, use it whenever in need. Here are the list of items you will need:

  1. 3% Hydrogen peroxide: it costs approximate $0.97 ~ $3.50 depends on where you buy it. You can easily get it from the grocery or drug stores.
  2. Spray bottle with nozzle
  3. Purify water.
  4. Essential oil of your choice (optional).

How to: (mix the following)

  1. 1 part of Hydrogen peroxide and
  2. 2 parts of purify water.
  3. few drops of your favorite essential oil.

The skin is immediately supported in its functions and all these without any chemical preservatives. Your skin will show the immediate surge of oxygen and glowing again: Smooth, healthy, wrinkle-less and elastic. You will look much more younger again.

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