Time Saving Beauty Tips for Busy Moms


Beauty Tips for busy mom

Just because you happen to be a mother, that doesn’t mean it is impossible to be beautiful as well. It can mean, however, that you will have to rearrange your time and energy to fit in a simple beauty routine. The way to make this happen is to make your precious time work better with you in mind. The following are some great beauty shortcuts designed for hard-working moms, and the great thing is, most of these tips use natural ingredients. When it comes to your beauty routine – and especially with regard to skin care – the natural way is always the best way!

Drink lots of water

Water keeps your skin hydrated and glowing, and helps to get rid of toxic compounds as well as waste materials from your body. Carry some with you all the time and sip from the bottle frequently. This is an easy natural beauty idea that works well for anyone, and as a bonus, it is practically free.

Minimize cleansing and moisturizing time

Start using a rinse away exfoliating facial cleanser, or just make use of hydrating wet wipes to remove cosmetics and moisturize the facial skin. Smooth a little extra virgin olive oil into your skin: you’ll find it much better than a number of proprietary moisturizers, and even silver screen legend Sophia Loren swears by it. Organic extra-virgin olive oil has antioxidants that may slow down the signs of aging and rectify sun damage. Also, it is usually affordable!

Dry hair shampoo

Keep a dry hair shampoo in your bathroom cabinet for those days and nights when your hair needs a pick up, and you do not have the time and energy to wash and condition it. Have you run out of dry shampoo? Baby talc will do the trick just as well.

Organise your make-up and toiletries

Gather all of your most frequently used beauty products in a single place, so that you never waste time hunting for your favourite eye-shadow or body lotion. Choose a storage location where you can have the tools of the trade handy when you’d like to use them, and it will be much quicker to get ready each and every morning.

Go all-purpose

Think about using items that perform more than a single function. As an illustration, make use of a tinted moisturiser incorporating integrated sunscreen, a makeup stick you can use on your eyes, cheekbones and lips, a fragranced body aerosol, exfoliating shower gel – are you starting to get the picture? You’ll certainly be delighted how much time and money becoming all-purpose saves.

Immediate colour

Slap on some fake tan to make you look healthier and radiant. Develop colour all over by using a body lotion – for example Johnson’s Holiday Skin – that is obtainable in different formulas for every type of skin, as well as a facial cream. Colour develops in a natural way, allowing you to look slimmer, fitter and healthier by giving the skin a glowing, healthy radiance.

All of these time-saving strategies will allow you to start looking your very best, however stressed-out you are. Bear in mind that being beautiful and being a mom are definitely not mutually exclusive, so make some time to look your best every single day.

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