Top 3 Amazing Natural Ingredients for Skin to Get Rid of Dark Brown Spots

Do you know there are natural ways to remove brown spots effectively with natural ingredients for skin?

Skin discoloration patches is a common problem, it can happened to both genders and all age groups especially when you are reaching your late 30’s. However, as you progress in age, this discoloration is far beyond just face, it can be found on face, neck, shoulders, your back and even legs.

What Causes of Brown Spots on Skin

Liver spot is another term for skin discoloration. It is commonly known as sun spot, or age spots, it may be dark or brown in color. Although the cause of dark spots can be genetics or caused by environment as a result of life style; Diet, pregnancy or using chemically added skin care products can accelerating the formation.

Even-though the causes of brown spots on skin is strongly associated with exposure to the ultraviolet radiation directly from the sunlight for most cases. With that said, the internal factors such as malnutrition, pregnancy, hormone imbalance and stress can trigger the development of the brown spots on skin.

How to Get Rid of Dark Spots on the Face

Face matters, you should not take it lightly when you noticed the surface of the light brown spots on the face, because your body is signaling something beyond superficial level. If not taken care of in timely manner, it will get worse and more challenge to get rid of.

Although the age spots can occur at younger age, however, it is common for people that are advanced in age, particularly when you reaching 40 and beyond. The sun damaged dark brown spots on face can be very annoying. Especially these age spots are on visible area like face, neck and hands that you have hard time to hide.

For the harmless true brown patches on the skin, they can be bleached with simple natural household products. Given patience and persistence, you will soon restore the spotless looking face.

Here’s one simple way to remove liver spots naturally:

  1. Fresh Organic Ginger & Raw Unfiltered Honey: yes, you got it right. Ginger should be your best friend not just in the kitchen but on your beauty cabinet. Here are three major benefits of ginger:3 simple home remedies to get rid of dark brown patches on skin Simple home remedies to get rid of age spots
    • prevent heart stroke by thinning the blood.
    • prevent from cancer by raising your body temperature of couple degrees. Cancer cell has hard time to survive with higher body temperature.
    • remove liver spots naturally: Drink ginger tea with unfiltered raw honey on daily basis helps you remove the dark age spots naturally. You can blend up a thumb size ginger into past or liquid form then add with raw ginger as brown spots remover natural ways to get rid of brown spots on skin[/caption]

      unfiltered honey, mix with your favorite drink or simply apply it with cotton ball onto your face. You will see drastic disappearance of the sunspots on skin when you apply this tonic both internal and externally.

How to Get Rid Off Dark Spots Fast

If you would like to find a best way on how to get rid of dark spots fast, give it a try in the morning with ginger Orange Juice. Because the combination of ginger and the vitamin C in OJ is very powerful. Incorporate this on daily basis with topical and as your favorite drink, in no time, you will witness this is the best home remedy for age spots on face, and don’t forget to credit your great skin for this ageless elixir.

How to Remove Dark Spots on Skin

What if the dark spots appear on different part of the skin like neck, chest, or even hands? Here’s a simple remedy you can make at home.

tips on how to remove dark spots how to remove dark spots on skin.

Very effective if you can tolerant with the smell of fresh onion or isn’t allergic to it.

Here’s the best way to remove dark spots on hands or chest:

Onion as brown spots remover How to Get Rid of Dark Spots on the Face

2. Fresh Onion + Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar: First and fore most, make sure both are certified “organic”, for best result, select red onion, white is fine.

Slice the whole onion into onion rings then marinate in Apple Cider Vinegar overnight. Blend the onion rings and apple cider vinegar in equal part in liquid form. Keep the juice, it is your powerful home remedy for dark spots remover.  Use cotton pad dab onto the desired area. Keep the unused portion in the refrigerator. Apply on daily basis as your beauty regime…

Age defying Home remedy to Remove Brown Spots

If you are unease about the harsh treatments while going banana over the brown marks on skin, this exotic vegetable loofah is well known to most Chinese, it is a wonderful home remedy for those who have drier and darker skin.

loofah as dark spots remover loofah is one of the best home remedies for dark spots remover

The history of the loofah juice went back to ancient Chinese royalty. 

Here’s how to prepare your Loofah lotion:

3. Loofah + Lecithin Lotion: make sure you pick a young loofah that is non-fiberish. Only young loofah still retain the enzymes and nutrients. Cut into smaller pieces, use blender to liquefy the whole loofah.  Remove the pulp, then add with half tea spoon of organic lecithin. This lotion is good for mature, dry or fatigue skin. Apply in the morning, and before bed time, remember to keep the unused portion in the refrigerator.


Keeping that spotless skin may take time for some people, but remember, persistence pays and result varies because each individual is different.

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